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Spotatron is the fastest way to create a professional video advertisement for your business or organization. 

We mean like done in a minutedon’t get up for coffeehow did they render that so fast…fast.

Configure the images and messaging that makes a video ad your own.  Spotatron’s unique engine allows you to see your changes right in the browser in real time.  Our library of video templates is growing all the time.  

Create and download HD videos for Facebook, YouTube, your website, and even cable television broadcast.  Customize and render any template for free to see how it will look in advance.

Featured Template

Valentine’s day is coming up.  Do your customers need a gentle reminder that they may not be ready?  Give this template a shot.

Iconic Bay Area Photography Store Uses Spotatron To Connect With New Customers

To stay relevant and interesting to current and potential customers, we are constantly adapting the in-store and online experience,” says Looking Glass VP of Marketing, Jon Freel​.

“Video is a great way to show our personality online, and Spotatron gets our own graphic videos out there — easily, and quickly.”

​Freel used Spotatron to build awareness for a photography class tied to a recent Solar Eclipse. He created a video from concept to Facebook Boosted Post using Spotatron in under 20 minutes.  The class sold out in less than 24 hours.

“The video had an almost 5% click through rate to our web site. That’s pretty amazing!”


Spotatron has subscription options that's right for your organization.  You may edit and preview as many videos as you want for free.  You're only limited to the number of HD renders per month you require.  You can change your plan at any time.